The Earle & Welford Families of Yorkshire, England 1268 - 1911
The Earle & Welford Families       of Yorkshire, England               1268 - 1911

Earle Family of Halifax

St John the Baptist Church, Halifax


Marriage - 1st May 1541

Thomas Erle et Alicia Vicres


Baptism - 19th June 1542

Agnes fil. Thoma Earle de Northor.


Baptism - 3rd September 1544

Johanna fil Thomas Erle de Northor.


Marriage - 18th January 1544

Eliz. Erle et Ricus Jackeson de Kyldweke


Baptism - 30th October 1552

Grace filia Thoma Heryll de Northor.


Baptism - 14th April 1560

Issabella filia Thome Irell de Shelff


Burial - 21st April 1560

Isabella filia Thome Yerll de Shelff


Marriage - 20th June 1563

Eliz. Erle et Johes Bracon


Burial - 8th March 1566

Robert Earle, de Schelff


Marriage - 12th December 1568

Agnes Earle et Willm Bentley

Marriage - 12th April 1573

Jane Earle et Johne Mortymer

Burial - 15th December 1574

Uxor Thoms Earle, de Shelfe


Burial - 4th May 1575

Grace Yearle, de Northour.


Baptism - 2nd February 1577

Roda [sic] fil. Robt. Earle de Northouru.


Baptism - 22nd February 1580

Samuel fil. Robt[1] Earle de Northour.


Baptism - 25th August 1581

Johne fil. Thoms Earle de Northouru.


Baptism - 5th March 1582

Grace et Jane filii. Robt. Earle de Northour.


Baptism - 8th June 1584

Grace fil. Thoms Earle de Northour.


Baptism - 20th October 1584

Mary fil. Robt Earle de Northouru.


Burial - 27th October 1584

Mary fil. Robt Earle de Northouru


Burial - 27th January 1585

Ric. Earle, de Northouru.


Baptism - 28th November 1585

Sara fil. Thoms Earle de Northouru.


Baptism - 22nd June 1589

Gracia fil. Robt Earle de Northouru.


Baptism - 16th April 1592

James son of Robrt Earle de Halifax


Burial - 24th May 1592

Uxor Thomas Earle, de Northour.


Marriage - 21st October 1592

Thomas Earle et Elzabeth Sparlinge de Burstall


Marriage - 30th May 1608

Sara Earle et Abraha' Halle - Northour


Burial - 30th July 1609

Robt son of Thomas Earle - Northou


Marriage - 6th August 1610

Grace Earle et Edward Vicarrs - both of Halifax


Burial - 16th November 1615

Mary Earle, halifax


Marriage - 10th February 1616

John Earle & Mary Haughton - both of Halifax


Burial - 29th January 1658

John Earle of Hallifax


Burial - 24th November 1663

Wid. Johes Earle of Halyfax

***NOTE: 1594-1720 now reviewed - tree to update***


Marriage - 17th January 1742

Samuel Earle, soldier and Mary Aykroyd


Baptism - 6th October 1745

Mary daughter of Samuel Earle, a soldier


Burial - 23rd June 1746

Mary daughter of Samuel Earle, a soldier


Baptism - 28th May 1751

Mary daughter of Samuel Earle


Baptism - 10th December 1752

Jane daughter of Samuel Earle


Baptism - 3rd August 1755

Mally daughter of Samuel Earle


Baptism - 27th January 1757

George son of Samuel Earle


Burial - 12th November 1758

Richard & Jane children of Samuel Earle


Marriage - 27th March 1774

Samuel Earle and Ann Whitaker


Burial - 13th October 1780

Samuel Earle, cordwainer


Burial - 26th November 1782

Ann Earle, widow


Marriage - 17th June 1810

Elizabeth Earle, of Manchester and John Hutchinson, of Halifax


Births, Marriages & Deaths in the Halifax District


Marriage - June 1884 (volume 9a page 615)

John Adam Earl[2] & Emma Gledhill


Birth - September 1884 (volume 9a page 509)

Albert Edward Earl


Birth - March 1886 (volume 9a page 422)

Harry Earl


Birth - March 1887 (volume 9a page 429)

George Frederick Earl


Birth - March 1889 (volume 9a page 391)

Clement Earl


Death - March 1889 (volume 9a page 313)

Clement Earl


Birth - December 1889 (volume 9a page 434)

Harold Earl


Death - March 1890 (volume 9a page 358)

Harold Earl


Birth - March 1891 (volume 9a page 414)

Arthur Earl


Birth - June 1894 (volume 9a page 391)

Howard Douglas Earl


Birth - September 1897 (volume 9a page 419)

Donald Earl


[1] Thomas struck out replaced with Robt. in the register

[2] Born in Guisley


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