The Earle & Welford Families of Yorkshire, England 1268 - 1911
The Earle & Welford Families       of Yorkshire, England               1268 - 1911

Welford Family of Whitby & Dunsley



During my research into the descendants of Ralph & Hannah Welford from the Parish of Brotton there appeared to be some Welford individuals living amongst them who didn't fit into their family tree, such as Robert Welford of Brockrigg, Barnby and John Welford, the Master Mariner of Hinderwell (see their sections). As well as these individuals a number of other Whitby Welfords are listed on the IGI index mainly centered on a family of farmers and butchers living in the village of Dunsley just outside the larger conurbation of Whitby. When piecing together the family tree it appears the Welford line at Dunsley ended sometime towards the end of the 18th Century after a number of female births and by time the 1841 census was taken Alice Welford, an elderly widow, was the only Welford residing in Whitby.


This section records the group of Welfords headed by Francis Welford born about the year 1687 who at his death in 1762 was noted as a butcher residing at Dunsley. This Francis could perhaps be an earlier exile from the Crathorne parish though no link has yet been found to satisfy this theory. There is also no record of this family having been staunch recusants like their 'cousins' living a little further up the coast.


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Baptism – 30th November 1684

John son of William Welfeet of Dunsley


Baptism – about 1687

Francis Welford [possibly the son of Thomas Welford of Dunsley]


Baptism – 21st September 1690

John son of Thomas Wellfor[?] of Dunsley


Baptism – 8th February 1690

Thomazin daughter of Richard English of Newholme Beck


Burial – 1st August 1696

Jane wife of Richard English


St Oswald's Church, Lythe


Baptism – 9th November 1713

Sarah daughter of James Pyman of Lythe


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Marriage – 3rd August 1714

Francis Welfit & Thomasin English at Newholm cum Dunsley


Baptism – 6th November 1715

Thomas son of Francis Welfit a butcher of Dunsley


Baptism – 1718

John son of Francis Welfit a butcher of Dunsley


Baptism – 1720

Francis son of Francis Welfit a butcher of Dunsley


Baptism – 1st December 1723

William son of Francis Welfit of Dunsley


Baptism – 29th May 1726

Robert son of Francis Welfit of Dunsley


Baptism – 24th October 1731

Mercy daughter of Francis Welfit of Dunsley


Baptism – 21st May 1733

Thomison daughter of Francis Welfit of Dunsley


St Oswald's Church, Lythe


Baptism – 25th February 1740

Sarah daughter of Thomas & Sarah Welfit


Marriage – 7th September 1740

Thomas Welfit & Sarah Pyman


Baptism – 1st November 1742

Marshall son of Thomas & Sarah Welfit


Baptism – 29th December 1744

Thomasin daughter of Thomas & Sarah Welfit


Baptism – 22nd August 1742

Thomas son of Thomas & Sarah Welfit


Marriage – 1747

William Welfit of Whitby & Mary Dobson of this parish


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Marriage – 5th January 1748

Robert Welfit & Dinah Dawsley both of the Dunsley parish


St Oswald's Church, Lythe


Baptism – 1st February 1748

William son of Thomas & Sarah Welfit of Sansend


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Baptism – 9th October 1749

Mary daughter of Robert Welfit a farmer from Dunsley


St Oswald's Church, Lythe


Baptism – 4th May 1751

Mary daughter of Thomas & Sarah Welfit of Sansend


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Baptism – 21st May 1752

Robert son of Robert Welfit a butcher from Dunsley


Marriage – 15th December 1754

Francis Welford (a sailor) & Ann Stephenson, witnessed by Thomasin Welford and William Newton [his sister and future brother-in-law]


St Oswald's Church, Lythe


Baptism – 1755

Francis son of Thomas & Sarah Welfit of Sansend


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Baptism – 30th November 1755

Francis Welford (5 wks old) son of Francis Welford, jnr. a sailor from Whitby


Baptism – 29th August 1756

William Welford (5 wks old) son of Robert Welford a butcher of Dunsley


Marriage – 12th May 1757

Thomasin Welford & William Newton, at Whitby witnessed by Jonathan Newton


Baptism – 7th May 1758

John son of Robert Welfit a farmer of Dunsley


Baptism – 23rd September 1759

Dinah Welford (5 wks old) daughter of Robert a farmer from Dunsley


Burial – 22nd September 1762

Francis Welford, a butcher from Dunsley


Marriage – 29th December 1770

Mary Welford & John Vickers, at Whitby witnessed by Hannah Robinson and Michael Blackbeard


Burial – 1771

Thomasin Welford, aged 81 years widow of Francis Welford a farmer in Dunsley


St Oswald's Church, Lythe


Baptism – 8th December 1772

Henry son of Thomasin Welfit of Sansend


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Burial – 25th December 1772

Robert Welford, son of Robert & Dinah Welford aged 20 years


Burial – 1775

John Welford, aged 57 years a sailor from Whitby


Marriage – 24th December 1778

Thomasin Welford & John Witham, at Whitby


Baptism – 15th April 1780

Alice, daughter of Richard & Alice Stockton


Marriage – 15th January 1754

William Welford & Mary Miller


Baptism – 10th February 1785

Elizabeth Welford (born 7th February 1785) daughter of William (and Mary) Welford a farmer from Dunsley


Marriage – 5th June 1785

Thomasin Welford & Isaac Lincoln, at Whitby


Baptism – 30th December 1786

Dinah Welford (born 28th December 1786) daughter of William (and Mary) Welford a farmer from Dunsley


Burial – 1786

Thomasin Newton (nee Welford), aged 55 years wife of William Newton a sail maker from Whitby


Baptism – 9th June 1787

James Welford (born 7th June 1787) son of Thomas (and Mary) Welford a sailor from Whitby


St Oswald's Church, Lythe


Burial – 1788

Sarah widow of Thomas Welford, fisherman aged 75 years


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Baptism – 30th January 1788

Mary Welford (born 28th January 1788) illegitimate daughter of Dinah Welford of Whitby


Burial – 22nd March 1789

Sarah Welford (widow) aged 75 years wife of Thomas Welford a fisherman of Whitby


Burial – 17th April 1789

Robert Welford aged 62 a farmer from Dunsley


Burial – 11th September 1796

Dinah Welford (widow) aged 78 years wife of Robert Welford a farmer from Whitby


St Hilda's Church, South Shields, Durham


Marriage – 12th November 1806

Richard Welford & Alice Stockton 


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Marriage – 7th March 1807

Thomasin Welford & Robert Coverdale, at Whitby witnessed by Mary Welford and George Coverdale


Marriage – 2nd Decemebr 1809

Dinah Welford & James Johnson, at Whitby


Baptism – 22nd September 1812

Mary Ann Welford (born 20th September 1812) daughter of Richard (and Alice) Welford a carpenter of Whitby


Burial – 30th October 1814

Elizabeth Welford, aged 4 years from Dunsley


Baptism – 16th January 1815

Joseph Welford (born 30th December 1814) son of Joseph (and Ann) Welford a carpenter from Whitby


Marriage – 27th February 1820

Mary Welford & William Hall


White's Directory of Trades & Professions 1829


Whitby Township

Alice Welford - Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries, Church Street


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Burial – 22nd July 1830

Mary Welford, aged 77 years from Dunsley


Marriage – 18th August 1832

Mary Ann Welford & Peter Lyth


Marriage – 27th July 1835

Martha Welford & John Smallwood, at Hinderwell witnessed by Ralph Welford and William Smurthwaite


Burial – 1836

William Welford, aged 80 years from Dunsley


Burial – 11th March 1836

Richard Welford, at Whitby aged 26 years


1841 Census - Whitby Parish


Baxtergate, Whitby, Yorkshire (PRO Ref: HO107/1265/16)




birth place

Peter Lyth




Hannah Lyth




Alice Lyth 4 - Yorkshire
Richard Lyth 2 - Yorkshire
Alice Wellfoot 60 - Yorkshire


1851 Census - Whitby Parish


Baxtergate, Whitby, Yorkshire (PRO Ref: HO107/2374)




birth place

John Lyth (head)


Millwright (master)

Whitby, Yorkshire

Ann Lyth (wife)



Whitby, Yorkshire

Peter Lyth (son/widower) 43 Joiner (journeyman) Whitby, Yorkshire
Mary Lyth (daughter) 40 - Whitby, Yorkshire
Hannah Lyth (g.daughter) 15 - Whitby, Yorkshire
Alice Lythe (g.daughter) 14 - Whitby, Yorkshire
Richard Lyth (g.son) 12 - Whitby, Yorkshire
Alice Welford (visitor) 71 Widow Whitby, Yorkshire






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