The Earle & Welford Families of Yorkshire, England 1268 - 1911
The Earle & Welford Families       of Yorkshire, England               1268 - 1911

Descendants of Ralph Welford [1758-1832]

St Margaret's Church, Brotton


Baptism – 28th October 1758

Ralph son of Ralph Welford & Hannah Dobbin




Apart from his name appearing in the list of Recusants for Brotton in 1780 there are no further records for this first-born son of Ralph & Hannah Welford in the Brotton Parish suggesting he had perhaps moved away from the area in his early twenties. Four years later in 1784, a Ralph Welford, sailor is recorded as marrying in Whitby. This could well be the same Ralph Welford born at Brotton in 1758


A more conclusive clue to the whereabouts of this Ralph Welford is a badly weathered gravestone standing in the churchyard at Christ Church, Ugthorpe which records the death of 'Ralph Welford late of Rock Head Farm in 1832 aged 73' where he is described as the 'dearly loved husband of Ann Duell'. This is not to be confused with a later Ralph Welford who married an Ann Duell in 1878. Rock Head farm, Hutton Mulgrave, was also in the occupancy of William Duell according to Bulmer's trade directory for the Lythe township dated 1890


The records for Ralph Welford now follow and whilst those for Whitby are thought likely to be for the Ralph, son of Ralph and Hannah Welford of Brotton, the gravestone at Ugthorpe is conclusive evidence that this is the same person: -


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Marriage – 15th January 1784

Ralph Welford, a sailor & Elizabeth Taylor


St Mary the Virgin's Church, Whitby


Baptism – 1st September 1787

Mary, daughter of John & Mary Cooper (born 21st August)


Marriage – 8th September 1816

Ralph Welford, a sailor & Mary Cooper witnessed by John Cooper 


Baptism – 30th June 1818

Mary Jane Welford, daughter of Ralph Welford, a sailor from Whitby (born 28th June)


Burial – 27th October 1818

Mary Jane Welford, infant daughter of Ralph Welford, a sailor from Whitby


Baptism – 21st January 1820

John, son of Ralph Welford, a butcher from Whitby (born 17th January)


Burial – 21st August 1820

John, infant son of Ralph Welford, a butcher from Whitby


Christ Church, Ugthorpe


Memorial Inscription – 1832

In loving memory of Ralph Welford dearly loved husband of Ann Duell late of Rock Head Farm died September 27th 1832 aged 73 years

Churchyard, Christ Church, Ugthorpe


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