The Earle & Welford Families of Yorkshire, England 1268 - 1911
The Earle & Welford Families       of Yorkshire, England               1268 - 1911

Earle Family of Thorner

Court Rolls for the Manor of Thorner


38 Edward III [16th May 1364]

William Erll took from the Lord one acre of land lately John Candlemass's by service of xjd. yearly, the first payment at the term of Martinmas next following John Oxhird complains of William Erll on a plea of trespass (surety, John Yung) in that the same William with his beasts destroyed and laid waste peas and corn [dragium], to his damage of two shillings. And the said (William) does not deny it, but asks to be taxed by the Court: and it is taxed at four pence. And the said (William) in mercy


William Erll complains of John Oxhird on a plea of trespass (surety for prosecuting, as above, i.e. John Yung) in that he destroyed the corn of the said William, to his damage of six shillings and eight pence. And the said (John) does not deny it, but asks the taxation of the Court: and it is taxed at four pence. And the said (John) in mercy


William Erll provided surety for William Wythode amerced iijd. for cutting green wood


Inquisition - William Erll and several others said on their oaths that two plots of meadow there called Harlokheng and Pighilheng, containing two acres, are well worth (valent bene) to the lord ten shillings yearly


William Erll and John Botelarman [illegible] ….of ale


38 Edward III [7th June 1364]

The wife of William Erll amerced iijd. for brewing bad ale


39 Edward III [13th March 1365]

William Erll pays ijd. for green wood cut and carried away


Inquisition - William Erll and several others said on their oaths that the highway is destroyed at Eltoft by William de Eltoft, to the grave damage of the lord, his tenants, and others; therefore he is amerced ijs. and that it be repaired and open before the next Court, under penalty of xld.


39 Edward III [9th December 1365]

William Erll involved with a plea of trespass between John son of Nicholas versus Thomas Carter – pledge Robert son of Simon


Yorkshire Deeds


6 Henry VI [8th May 1428]

Thomas Erle named with several others as witnesses in the Grant by William Rodes, citizen and dyer [littester] of York, to Thomas Sclater and Edmund Sclater of Thornour, yeoman, their heirs and assigns, of a tenement in the vill of Thornour, situate by the cross, and nine acres of land in the fields of the said vill late in the tenure of William Walker [Thorner]


16 Henry VI [3rd June 1438]

Thomas Erle mentioned in the grant by Thomas Sclatter of Thornour to Edmund Sclatter of Thornour and Elizabeth his wife whose lands in the Southfelde near lez Forthgatez abut those of Thomas Erle on the south [Thorner]


Lay Subsidy for the Wapentake of Skyrack - 15 Henry VIII (1525)


Villa de Thorner

William Erlle - Taxed 12d for land


Skyrack Muster Roll - 26th March 1539



William Erle - Billman having no harness



Peter Erle - Billman with harness and a pair of splentes[1]

Thomas Erle - Billman having no harness


Lay Subsidy for the Wapentake of Skyrack - 30th June & 20th October 1545



Peter Erle - Assessed for 3li. 3d.


Lay Subsidy for the Wapentake of Skyrack - 12th February 1546



Peter Erle - Assessed for 20s. 2d.


York Probate Registry


Alicia Erill[2] benefactor in the will of Averay Wike, Yeoman of Thorner - proved 3rd October 1548


Alyson Erle received iiijd. In the will of John Tottie of Bardsey – proved 11th January 1559


Alyse Erell (Alice Earle nee Barker) benefactor in the will of her brother, John Barker of
Clifford - proved 20th March 1560


[1] Protective arm plates

[2] Alice Erle likely to be the wife of Peter Erle named in the Thorner Muster Rolls

[3] By time the will was proved Alice had remarried as her surname was noted as Turner


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