The Earle & Welford Families of Yorkshire, England 1268 - 1911
The Earle & Welford Families       of Yorkshire, England               1268 - 1911

Leyburn Family of Hamsterley, Kirk Merrington & Auckland St Andrew

St Jame's Church, Hamsterley, Durham


Marriage, 30th January 1597

Thomas Laborne & Elsabeth Ranatt


Baptism, 3rd July 1597

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Laborne


Baptism, 2nd April 1599

Thomas son of Thomas Laborne


Baptism, 2nd April 1605

Margaret daughter of Thomas Laborne


Marriage, 24th November 1605

Jenit Laborne & Thomas Gibbons


Marriage, 7th July 1607

William Laborne & Elisabeth Dixon


Baptism, 1st November 1607

Ann daughter of William Laborne


Baptism, 21st October 1610

Thomas son of William Laborne


Marriage, 2nd December 1610

Thomas Laborne & Elisabeth Preston


Baptism, 19th January 1612

George son of Thomas Laborne


Baptism, 16th November 1617

Janet daughter of Thomas Laborne


Baptism, 23rd August 1618

Christopher son of William Laborne


Baptism, 27th December 1620

Samuel son of William Laborne


Baptism, 23rd November 1623

Eleanor daughter of William Laborne


Baptism, 21st May 1626

Margaret daughter of William Laborne


St Brandon's Church, Brancepeth, Durham


Baptism, 16th March 1634

William Leyburn son of George & Isabel Leyburn


St Jame's Church, Hamsterley, Durham


Marriage, 9th August 1635

Margaret Laborne & Robert Dowson


Marriage, 18th September 1637

Elizabeth Laborne & Richard Ramsdale


St John the Evangelist Church, Kirk Merrington, Durham


Baptism, 16th February 1640

Mary daughter of Robert Lax


St Jame's Church, Hamsterley, Durham


Marriage, 1st June 1656

Margaret Laborne & John Sanderson


St John the Evangelist Church, Kirk Merrington, Durham


Marriage, 15th June 1658

William Layborn & Mary Lax


Baptism, 11th September 1659

Robert son of William Layborne


Baptism, 26th November 1662

George son of William Layborne


Baptism, 13th August 1665

John son of William Layborne


Baptism, 24th February 1667

Elizabeth daughter of William Layborne


Baptism, 12th June 1670

A child of William Layborne


Baptism, 4th May 1673

William son of William Layborne


Baptism, 13th February 1676

Isabel daughter of William Layborne


Marriage, 30th May 1686

Elizabeth Laborne & John Bird


Baptism, 12th June 1701

John son of George Laburne


Marriage, 6th April 1703

Isabel Laborne & Richard Watson


Marriage, 29th April 1710

William Laborne & Elizabeth Croft


Baptism, 5th August 1712

Mary daughter of William Leyburn


Baptism, 8th October 1713

Robert son of William Laburn


Baptism, April 1716

Elizabeth daughter of William Layburne


St Andrew's Church, Auckland St Andrew, Durham


Marriage, 15th June 1726

John Leyburn & Mary Trotter


Baptism, 3rd May 1729

Elizabeth daughter of John Labourn


Baptism, 20th July 1731

George son of John Labourn


Baptism, 1st October 1734

John son of John Labourn


Burial, 22nd December 1734

Elizabeth daughter of John Labourn


Baptism, December 1736

Thomas son of John Labourn


Baptism, March 1739

William son of John Labourn


Burial, 9th June 1741

Mary daughter of John Labourn


Baptism, January 1744

Ralph son of John Labourn


Burial, 5th March 1744

Ralph son of John Labourn


Marriage, 1st October 1759

George Leyburn & Margaret Alderson


Baptism, 17th February 1760

John son of George & Margaret Laybourn


Baptism, 23rd September 1762

George son of George & Margaret Laybourn


Baptism, 20th October 1765

Mary daughter of George & Margaret Laybourn


Baptism, 3rd April 1768

William son of William Leyburn


Baptism, 23rd December 1770

Anne daughter of George & Margaret Laybourn


Burial, 8th April 1776

Mary daughter of George & Margaret Laybourn


St John the Evangelist Church, Kirk Merrington, Durham


Marriage, 9th June 1783

John Leyburn & Hannah Dakers


St Andrew's Church, Auckland St Andrew, Durham


Baptism, 8th August 1784

Mary daughter of John Laburn


Baptism, 14th April 1787

George son of Mrs Hannah Labourn


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