The Earle & Welford Families of Yorkshire, England 1268 - 1911
The Earle & Welford Families       of Yorkshire, England               1268 - 1911

Earle Family of Rothwell

Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell


Marriage – 17th July 1582

Robert Earle & Alice Nowell


St Peter's Church, Leeds


Baptism – 1st March 1607

Isabel, child of Tho. Earle, Milhill


Marriage – 19th July 1617

Thomas Earle & Katherine Roth or Behl[1]


Baptism – About 1620

Ann, daughter of Thomas & Katherine Earle


Baptism – 25th May 1623

Thomas, son of Thomas Earle


Baptism – 26th February 1626

Richard, son of Thomas Earle


Baptism – 9th March 1628

William, son of Thomas Earle


Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell


Burial – 7th December 1630

Infans Thomae Earle[2]


Baptism – 15th January 1632

Alicia, fil. Thomae Earle


St Botolph's Church, Bossall


Marriage – 3rd June 1646

Richard Earle & Alice Saunderson


Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell


Baptism – 11th May 1652

Ann, daughter of Richard Earll


Burial – 20th May 1652

Ann, daughter of Richard Earll of Roades


Baptism – 21st May 1654

William, the son of Richard Earle of the Roades


Burial – 31st December 1654

William, the sonne of Richard Earle


York Castle Depositions


11th January 1655


Before John Hewley, Esq. Henri/ Hatefeild, of Rhodes, par. Rodwell, gent., sayeth, that about August last, Katherine Earle struck him on the neck with a docken stalke, or such like thing, and his maire upon the necke also, whereupon his maire imediately fell sicke and dyed, and he himselfe was very sore troubled and perplexed with a paine in his necke. Whereupon Ann, the daughter of the said Katharine, seing him so pained, tould him, " Doth the divell nipp thee in the necke? but he will nipp the better yet."" And the said Katherine hathe beene searched, and a marke founde upon her in the likenesse of a papp. And the said Katherine clapt one Mr. Franke, late of Rhodes, betwene the shoulders with her hand, and said, "You are a pretty gentleman; will you kissemee?" Wherupon the said Mr. Franke fell sicke before he gott home, and never went out of doore after, but dyed, and complained much against the said Katherine on his death-bed.


Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell


Baptism – 16th December 1655

Ann, the daughter of Richard Earle, Roades


Baptism – 24th January 1658

Jane, daughter of Richard Earle


Burial – 7th February 1658

Thomas Earle, the elder, Roades


Baptism – 15th May 1660

Suzanna, ye daughter of Richard Earle of Rodes


Burial – 23rd May 1661

Catherine Earle of Rodes


Baptism – 22nd March 1663

Richardus, fil. Ricardi Earle de Rodes


Baptism – 25th October 1663

Jana, filia Thomae Earle de Rodes


Baptism – 29th February 1665

Sarah, filia Richardi Earle de Rodes


Baptism – 10th September 1665

Johes, filius Thomae Earle de Rodes


Baptism – 10th January 1669

Elizabetha, fil. Thoe Earle de Rodes


Baptism – 12th February 1669

Johes, fil. Rici Earle de Rodes


Marriage – 21st September 1670

Elizabeth Earles, of Rothwell & Johes Dickinson


Baptism – 30th July 1671

Gulielm', fil. Thoe Earle de Rodes


Baptism – 3rd May 1674

Anna, fil. Thoe Earle de Rodes


Burial – 30th June 1675

Anna, fil. Thoe Earle de Rodes


Burial – 17th July 1678

Thomas son of Thoe Earle de Rodes


Marriage – 16th October 1678

Ann Earle & George Burnill


Marriage – 30th October 1679

Susannah Earle & Richard Bateman


Marriage – 24th June 1680

Jane Earle & Thos: Ellis of Rhods


Marriage – 20th April 1685

Susanna Earle & Thomas Johnson


Marriage – 27th October 1686

Jo' Earle & Jane Tullicliffe


Baptism – 7th August 1687

Thomas, son of John Earle


Burial – 29th March 1689

Thomas Earl, of Rhodes


Burial – Before 1690

Thomas, son of John Earle


Baptism – 13th April 1690

Thomas, son of John Earle


Burial – 16th October 1691

Rich'd Earl & Mary his wife, Rodes


Baptism – 19th February 1693

Margeritt, daughter of Jo' Earle


Baptism – 29th March 1696

Sarah, daughter of John Earle, Rhods


Marriage – 15th November 1696

William Earle & Ann Sawle, Rhods


Baptism – 3rd April 1698

John, son of John Earle


Marriage – 20th May 1700

Jane Earle & William Gauthorup


Marriage – 21st December 1720

Sarah Earle, spinster & Henry Core, batchel'r - both of ye p'ish by Mr Day


Burial – 6th August 1721

Ann, ye wife of William Earle, miner


Burial – About 1722

Jane, wife of John Earle


Burial – 15th March 1723

Marg't Earle, pentioner, Rhodes


Baptism – 23rd May 1723

Anne, ye daughter of Thos Earle, husbandman, Rhodes


Marriage – 1st August 1723

Wm Earle, widower & Eliz: Harrison, spinster both of ye p'ish


Marriage – 5th September 1723

Jo' Earle, widower & Martha Furbes wid. both of ye pish


Baptism – 6th July 1724

Wm. son of Wm. Earle, miner


Marriage – 12th July 1724

James Earle & Christina Pursland


Baptism – 30th May 1726

Ann, ye daughter of Wm. Earle miner, Carleton


Burial – 19th September 1727

John Earle, miner, Rothwell


Baptism – 9th June 1728

Thomas, ye son of Wm. Earle, miner


Burial – 14th January 1729

Thomas Earle, son of William Earle, miner


Burial – 16th February 1730

John the son of Thomas Earle of Roods


Baptism – 9th January 1732

John, ye son of Wm. Earle, miner


Baptism – 4th August 1734

Thomas son of William Earle, miner from Rothwell


Baptism – 3rd September 1738

Hannah dau. of William Earle, miner from Rothwell


Burial – 27th October 1739

Ann the wife of Thomas Earle of Rhods


Burial – 13th August 1741

William Earl of Carleton


Marriage – 12th June 1746

Elizabeth Earle & Robert Robinson


Burial – 23rd October 1755

Thomas Earl of Methley


Marriage Banns – 15th November 1810

Howard Earle & Elizabeth Rider - both of this parish


Marriage – 8th December 1823

Ann Earle & Joseph Bottomley

[1] The Rothwell Witch

[2] Note in Parish Register "non bap't vicesimo" i.e. buried without being baptised


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