The Earle & Welford Families of Yorkshire, England 1268 - 1911
The Earle & Welford Families       of Yorkshire, England               1268 - 1911

Miscellaneous Earle Records

The White Friars of Scarborough - 1369


The prior, Mauger de Baildon together with John Eryll brought an action against John Bendebowe, John Goldyng & Simon de Lesan – all chaplains, for assaulting Friar Eryll and ill-treating him so that he despaired for his life.


Conisborough Court Rolls


17 October 20 Edward IV [1480]

Ravenfield [Rayvenfeld] amercement 2d - John Hoton constable and his fellows sworn present that Katerina Erle [2d] brewed beer and sold it against the assize. So she is in amercement.


3rd October 21 Edward IV [1481]

Dalton amercement 2d - Robert Trekett constable and his fellows sworn present that Katerina Erle [2d] brewed and sold beer against the assize So is amerced


24th October 1 Henry VII [1485]

Braithwell amercements 8d - John Merydewe constable and his fellows sworn present the wives of Richard Meridewe [2d] and John Belgh [2d] and Agnes Erle [2d] brewing and selling beer contrary to the assize. Alice Strete [2d] baking and selling bread contrary to the assize


Yorkshire Lay Subsidy


31st October 38 Henry VIII [1546]

Edmund Earle taxed xls. iid. for goods [Horbury]


St Michael & All Angels Church, Middleton Tyas


Burial – 17th May 1557

Agnes Earll


St John the Baptist, Royston, South Yorkshire


Burial – 24th January 1558

John Erle


All Saints Church, Dewsbury


Baptism - 7th March 1563

Robert son of Edmund Earle


Baptism - 17th May 1566

James son of Edmund Earle


St Mary The Virgin Church, Sprotbrough


Marriage - 22nd September 1566

Umphrey Earle & Alice Newbolt


Baptism - 2nd March 1567

William son of Umphrey Earle


Cause Papers in the Diocesan Consistory Court of York - 1570


William Earl - Yeoman aged 50 appears as a witness in a case concerning Tithe payments in Harewood


St Peter's Church, Huddersfield


Marriage - 9th June 1673

Sarah Earle & Edmond Shawe


Wills in the York Registry


2nd January 1577

Umfryde Earle, of Sprotburgh


St Mary The Virgin Church, Sprotbrough


Marriage - 17th December 1578

Alice Earle (widow?) & John Adams


St Mary's Church, Badsworth


Burial - 8th July 1583

Isabel Earle


Wills in the York Registry


30th June 1592

William Earle, of Bishop Thornton (buried Ripon) 27th March 1591[1] [v25 fol.924]


St Mary's Church, Elland


Marriage - 6th May 1593

Johes Earle de Huddersfield & Jennet Glendell


All Hallow's Church, Almondbury


Burial - May 1601

Anna uxor Johes Earle


All Hallow's Church, Kirkburton


Marriage - 4th May 1602

John Earle & Elizabeth Tyas


Knaresborough Court Rolls – Wills & Administrations


14th October 1602

Myles Earle, servant received 2s. 6d. in the Will of William Bramley, yeoman of Winsley, Kirkby Malzeard


Peacocks List of Papists in the County of York - 1604


Myles Earle, servant of Kirkby Malzeard


All Saints Church, Ripley


Marriage – July 1608

Myles Earle and Ann Bayke


St Michael & All Angels Church, Middleton Tyas


Burial – 16th November 1611

John Earl


All Hallow's Church, Almondbury


Burial - 24th September 1616

Johes Earle


All Saints Church, Saxton


Burial – 18th August 1618

John the sonne of France Earle


All Hallow's Church, Almondbury


Burial - 3rd December 1627

Hellena wife of Jacob Earle


All Saints Church, Wath-upon-Dearne


Baptism - 27th March 1638

Sara daughter of Adam Earle


Baptism - 7th June 1639

Helen daughter of Adam Earle


All Hallow's Church, Almondbury


Baptism - 14th February 1640

Susanna filia Thoma' Earle de Skelmouth


All Saints Church, Wath-upon-Dearne


Baptism - 24th April 1642

Mary daughter of Adam Earle


Baptism - 10th April 1645

Easter daughter of Adam Earle


Burial - 15th March 1647

Cicilie wife of Adam Earle


Marriage - 26th January 1648

Adam Earle, of Wath & Alice Shawe


Baptism - 23rd January 1650

Adam son of Adam Earle


Burial - 25th February 1651

Easter daughter of Adam Earle


Baptism - 31st January 1656

Elizabeth daughter of Adam Earle


St Mary's Church, Elland


Marriage - 27th March 1657

Anne Earle & Willim Marsden both of this p'ish published three times about 21st March the last time


Burial - 5th January 1658

Samuel Earle de ffixby


All Saints Church, Wath-upon-Dearne


Burial - 19th November 1662

Sarah daughter of Adam Earle, of Wath


Darrington with Wentbridge


Marriage - 12th July 1663

Bartholemew Earle & Helenna Carter


All Saints Church, Wath-upon-Dearne


Marriage - 27th September 1664

Ellenn Earle & Richard Nichols


Burial - 23rd July 1667

Adam Earle


St Michael's Church, Wragby


Burial - 28th November 1667

Allis Earle


St Helen's Church, Sandal Magna


Baptism - 8th June 1680

Robt son of Thomas Earle


St John the Baptist, Kirkheaton


Marriage - 27th April 1684

Grace Earle & Robert Dawson


All Saints Church, Wath-upon-Dearne


Marriage - 19th July 1688

Elizabeth Earle & William Jackson


Burial - 14th May 1691

Adam Earle


Marriage - 21st May 1691

Adam Earle & Dorothy Sheppard


All Saints Church, Dewsbury


Marriage - 16th July 1691

Sarah Earle & Johanes Longley


All Saints Church, Wath-upon-Dearne


Baptism - 2nd February 1692

Adam son of Adam Earle


St Peter & St Leonard, Horbury


Burial - 6th March 1708

John Earle


St Mary's Church, Barnsley


Marriage – 1st December 1715

Margaret Earle & John White


St John & All Saints Church, Easingwold


Burial – 14th August 1719

Richard Earle


All Saints Church, Harewood


Baptism – 25th December 1740

William son of Richard Earle


Electoral Rolls, 1741


abode: Kirby Malzeard

freeholders name: Thomas Earle

place of freehold: Kirby Malzeard


[1] No record matching this date in the Ripon Cathedral Registers, though there is an entry for William [blank] of Thorneton buried on 7th September 1591


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